NFT Names & Domains

KuName Domains is the #1 name service provider on KCC.

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Your Web3 .kcc Wallet Username

Get your own unique .kcc name and connect it to your wallet addresses on KCC. No more hard-to-remember addresses!


NFT-Powered Names

The names our service provides are NFTs and can be traded on NFT marketplaces or gifted to your best friend!


Register once, own forever

We don't believe in recurring subscription fees. Once you mint your .kcc name it's yours forever.

Lomen NFT

Holding a Lomen NFT?

Look no further

Get up to a 50% discount on purchases if you are a Lomen NFT holder. Discount automatically applied at checkout!


Community Governance

The $KNS token will be distributed to .kcc name holders.

Token holders will govern the KNS DAO by voting on proposals.

Website Hosting

Your Web3 .kcc Domain

Launch your censorship-resistant website with a .kcc domain and host it for free on IPFS.